My Story

Well, first of all, I’d like to welcome you to this page, consider you came here for a reason, thank you. 

I know people are struggling right now and I want to let you know that I can relate. Because of my own personal experiences with anxiety, grief and disconnectedness – I understand the various states of uncertainty and fear that many are living with, perhaps as a result of COVID or of our current political climate. 

My circumstances may be different from yours, but the less-than comfortable states of anger, uncertainty and despair are familiar to me, as they are universal. My own personal experiences inform my healing work as a healer of hearts and souls, so I understand how to hold and guide people through the darkness and back to the light. Here I share my story…

It felt like a calling Home. Not just from my enlightened mind – but from my soul, my spirit and a feeling deep within my heart. It is a place where I ultimately found true Love, the love of all things, all beings and all creation; that feeling and depth of love comes from the most desperate of all times for me, it was after I met a spiritual teacher. 

This wasn’t the first time or the last time that I would plunge into the feelings of fear, anxiety and uncertainty of the unknown. 

Are you with me so far?

Let me delve in a little deeper and then go back to the beginning, where I first felt and ultimately knew I was Home. It was quite by accident, if you can believe that. I had the fortunate opportunity to reunite with an old friend. After rekindling our friendship, she happened to casually invite me to something called Zikr (Sufi Healing Circle). It was some type of gathering to inspire healing.

And since I had already been deeply entrenched in the healing arts, (for over 25 years), through such modalities as massage therapy, and Reiki healing; as well as having dabbled in Kabbalah and Hinduism – I was definitely up for this and excited to try something new. I had no idea what I was in for, my experience was nothing short of extraordinary!

While standing in a circle, phrases were said over and over again in a beautiful sort of rhythm. To me, they were reminiscent of my upbringing. Being raised Jewish, I had recognized something similar to Hebrew. It also reminded me of Arabic music, which was present in my childhood as my father came from Syrian orthodox roots. I had always loved this as a kid. The chanting that went on, feeling much like the experience one would have in a sound healing. At the end there was a period of silence, this was an opportunity to go inward and be still and listen. This is where I experienced the most amazing epiphany:

 Deep within my heart and the depths of my soul, I heard a voice that said, “I love you, Bonnie. I love you, Bonnie. I love you, Bonnie“. I remember this like it was yesterday. Clear as a bell, (tears are welling up in my eyes once again, as I share this with you. So I let the tears flow.) It was as if my two worlds converged, where I felt like everything became One, I had finally found my Home and my true spiritual path. 

What does this have to do with you? And how am I able to help you with what you may be dealing with?

Not long after that epiphany, I had another one. This was in the form of advice from a spiritual teacher, which led me to my guide Sidi al Jamal, a Sufi Master.  It was there that I took the Promise, and received the name HalimaThis event literally changed and transformed my life! It gave me the experience and permission to be a Teacher, Healer and Mentor. And thus far, I’ve been blessed to care for hundreds of people in this Way. My beloved Guide taught me a divine way of living each and every day, moment-by-moment, from deep within inside my heart and soul. That Love is at the heart and the very Essence of it all.

After graduating from Healing School with a Certificate in Ministry, I spent years studying Chinese Medicine and am now also a Medical Qigong Master Healer and Practitioner. I am now able to help you. So if you are feeling anxious, afraid, or just in a constant state of unease – I’ve been blessed with an abundance of experience and tools with which to support You on your healing journey.

Certificate of Ministry – Healing School
Medical Qigong Master Healer & Practitioner – Chinese Medicine

I am a just a humble servant to the Divine and in service to You, always learning and growing.

I can also facilitate healing around uncertainty, anxiety and fears that arise in interpersonal relationships. As such, five years ago , my beloved husband, (known for 20 years) passed from stage four cancer. Aside from being blessed to play a key role in his journey back to his Maker, I learned soo much more about how to deal with the medical, mental-emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of this increasingly common condition. From this deeply painful experience, full of crushing doubt and heartbreak – through such desperate states of pleading, begging, crying, etc. – know what I mean? 😉

Until finally letting gosurrendering and accepting what is. I have gained the ability to guide and support you through similarly traumatic situations.

The Process – Letting Go, Surrender, Acceptance
Over 25 years in this field has brought me to where I am blessed to be as a healer, coach, mentor and teacher. This is how I learned to work with *Any situation or circumstance – to move into deeper intimacy and connection with Divine Source, Power, God’s Spirit within and continuing to help others in their healing journeys. This is my mission, honor and passion in life. I appreciate you taking the time to read this to the end (LOL) and look forward to working with you. – Halima

With over 25 years in the Healing Arts – as a Teacher, Healer, Mentor & Coach

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Try a FREE 60 minute Breakthrough Session…

to see if coaching is a good fit for You!
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